Aerolon is an easier solution for controlling thermal bridging and condensation inside the building envelope.

Formulated using aerogel, the world’s best insulating solid, Aerolon is easier and more cost-effective than installing structural thermal break pads or shims.

Aerolon provides thermal stability and controls condensation on steel and concrete building components, such as relieving angles, lintels, cantilevered beams, canopies and balconies. Aerolon can be applied in-shop or onsite, giving specifiers and applicators a more flexible and effective option to combat thermal bridging.

Experience Thermal Break: Redefined

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A Break Like This Comes Along Only Once in a Building’s Lifetime

The first and only fluid-applied thermal break, Aerolon, controls thermal bridging while preventing condensation, limiting mold and mildew, and resisting corrosion. Find out more by watching the video below.

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Featured Projects

Tnemec’s fluid-applied thermal break coating has been applied to a variety of structures across North America, from schools to arenas, office spaces to living spaces. Here are a few examples: